To the English Players

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To the English Players

Special thanks to David Rawcliffe for his translation !

Dear all,

The Falgos blog is up and running: to take part in a competition, you need to sign up. To sign up, you need to go onto the blog.

Here’s how!

1 go on to

2 look for - in this case - inscription Montescot 05/04/16

3 enter your surname and first name

4 click on OK

5 check out "previous responses"

As of this Montescot competition, this will be the ONLY way to sign up for a match. There are 3 advantages for the club with this procedure:

- sign-ups are registered with their date (first priority will be the index, then the date of inscription), so no possibility of error.

- no need for notices on the board at Falgos

- no (or at any rate much fewer) follow-up phone calls and emails, and info requests etc etc.

SAME PROCEDURE will apply for the next competitions:

19 April: Pentagolf at Montescot. Here priority will be given to mixed couples.

26 April: Falgos, « Seniors" competition, 2nd leg.

REMINDER: to sign up and play a competition you need:

- to have taken out your 2016 FFG licence

- to have already provided your doctor’s certificate indicating there is no reason why you should not play golf

- to have paid your 2016 A.S. subscription

You only have a few days left to sign up for Montescot on the 05/04/16!

Any problems, call any one of us.


Rémi, Horacio, Mireille, Gigi, Jackie

P.S. Have a good look at the blog; you can sign up to receive an email alert whenever something new appears on the blog - including competitions!

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